Important Product & Delivery Info

Basic Info for The Backyard Farmer (Ordering Deadline Is Sunday Evening)

The local produce is grown Naturally‚ The Way You Would Grow It Yourself In Your Own Backyard without the use of Synthetic Pesticides, Herbicides & Fungicides. Natural forms of pest control are used for a healthier alternative along with keeping our bees alive to pollinate and make us wonderful honey for everyone. We also use Non GMO Heirloom & Heritage seeds that are grown in rich soil full of organic matter and manure to promote healthy plants. We are a group of local small family farms owned by Arizona Farmers that are Not Certified Organic with the USDA but we apply the same standards and beyond. Produce is Grown in Arizona all across our great state. Our local farm group does not want the high costs that are involved in using the Trademarked name Organic (We won’t pay money to the Government to use the word Organic) . We just want to grow the highest quality produce for our families and yours. Just good, Old-Fashioned, Natural Backyard Farming. The taste of home-grown right to your door!!

*Recently a couple of the farms in our group have certified a few fields to see if it can sustainable and profitable*

Email Campaign List – By registering to our website you will also register with our email system that will send out updates and order reminders regularly. We do not share your email address with anyone else. We use the emails to keep you current with what we are doing.

When it starts to get to hot in the valley the farms in Northern & Southern Arizona are already planting and or ready to harvest in hopes we don’t miss a beat but sometimes things just happen and we wont have items available but we try our best. The use of greenhouses keep us supplied with a almost year round source of tomatoes and other produce.

The average person does not realize the huge diversity we have in growing across Arizona. When we are melting here in the valley, Northern Arizona is enjoying a average high temp of 81 degrees and it is perfect weather to keep growing lettuce and other heat in-tolerant produce during the Summer Months. Here in the valley we have our corn Festivals usually around the end of June, but Northern Arizona starts picking corn at the end of August or the first part of September depending on the weather. It is always amazing to me the difference a few hours drive makes in the growing season. We make that drive so you can have fresh quality produce almost year round on many staple items.

Apples-Peaches-Pears, The first apples and peaches will be from here in the valley each season then next will see a huge assortment of all these great fruits come up from Southern Arizona grown in the cool 5000 ft elevation of the Wilcox Arizona area. So much great fruits and produce are grown in Southern Arizona.

We are grateful for our relationships with all our local growers. This relationship works both ways and we are grateful we get to offer our produce from here in the valley to them to sell at their Farmers Markets when it is Off Season for them. We are lucky to have a monopoly on Citrus here in the valley they just cant grow citrus no matter how hard they try in Northern & Southern Arizona so we stock them up to sell to their great customers who thrilled to see and taste great local citrus at their Local Farmers Market along with many other great items from here in the valley.

Most produce is picked either a day before or only a few days or so before delivery. This is the freshest you can get next to your own backyard garden. Items such as ginger are shipped in from Hawaii weekly until we can find a new source that is more local again. (it is a hassle but we think you are worth it and so many of you love your ginger) We had some ginger for awhile coming up from a greenhouse in Wilcox but they have since stopped growing it due to high cost involved in a dedicated area just for the special needs of the ginger to grow properly here.


Hormones, Steroids and Antibiotics etc are Not used to raise our meats. Our Goat, Beef and Pork are inspected by the USDA since we only use the U of A in Tucson as our butcher. All meats will always be delivered frozen. Sometimes we package in plastic shrink packages other times we have it wrapped in butcher paper.

Now this is important:

This produce is not waxed or processed in any way. The use of fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides on the produce is not a normal practice for these farmers; natural solutions are used to the fullest extent. We do not use a bleach water solution to wash the produce; we just use plain water with a spray nozzle. So with this in mind, I recommend you clean all produce to always be on the safe side. The shelf life on some produce items will be shorter than store bought produce most people are accustomed to. Please make sure you store your produce at the proper temperature of 34-40 deg. This is as fresh and natural as it gets.

FDA Produce Cleaning Tips:

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap before and after preparing fresh produce.
  • Cut away any damaged or bruised areas before preparing or eating.
  • Gently rub produce while holding under plain running water. There’s no need to use soap or a produce wash.
  • Wash produce BEFORE you peel it, so dirt and bacteria aren’t transferred from the knife onto the fruit or vegetable.
  • Use a clean vegetable brush to scrub firm produce, such as melons and cucumbers.
  • Dry produce with a clean cloth or paper towel to further reduce bacteria that may be present.
  • Throw away the outermost leaves of a head of lettuce or cabbage.


Important order/delivery information:

Your order delivery day is determined by your delivery zip code. Visit our delivery area page to see a list of zip codes that we deliver to and the day of the week we deliver on for your zip code. If your zip code is not on the list, please contact us via our contact us page and request that we add your zip code to our delivery area. If there is enough demand in your area, we will gladly add your zip code to one of our delivery routes.

REMEMBER: Price and availability can change from week to week. We will keep the website updated as close to real-time as possible.

Home Deliveries:  We start at 4am and can go into the late afternoon on busy delivery weeks.

Your order is kept on our refrigerated trucks at 38 -40 deg before delivery.

Please put a large cooler with a couple ice packs or ice in it by your front door if you won’t be home. This will give me a safe cool place to leave your produce. If the cooler isn’t large enough for your order I will leave the most perishable item in the cooler first. A couple of large gel ice packs should work well. Remember the larger the cooler the more packs you will need. (Please take your order in ASAP. We are not responsible for orders that are left out to warm or defrost)

Home Deliveries are currently on Wednesday and Thursday and start at about 4 am and can stretch into the afternoon depending on the number of orders for that week period and how large the route is. I am unable to give an exact time for delivery, it depends on how many people order in a given week. The GPS designs our route for us to help save fuel so routes and delivery times will be random from week to week. Most deliveries are usually done by the early afternoon.

You can place an order on our website at any time, HOWEVER, there is an order cut off time.

All orders placed on or before Sunday night deadline will be delivered on Wednesday or Thursday of that same week (so 2 – 3 days later).

Orders placed AFTER Sunday night will be delivered on Wednesday or Thursday of the following week (9 – 10 days later).

(We will ring the doorbell or knock after 8 am) If you are okay with us knocking or ringing the door bell earlier you can let us know this in the Comments Section When ordering.

The produce is brought to your door. I am trying not to have a delivery fee or minimum order amount. I never liked fees, etc., so I will try it this way to see if it will work. Just please keep in mind, fuel isn’t cheap. So please be reasonable when placing an order.

Gated Communities – If you live in a gated community you must provide your gate code with your address. We will not use the call box due to hassle of finding names and working so many types of gate systems, also the fact deliveries start at 4 am and we will have it call you in the early morning. If we are unable to deliver due to not being given a gate code I will not offer a refund since we have already done all the work required for your order along with all the fuel and labor getting it to you. We have been left so many times trying to make multiple calls with no answers along with waiting for long periods of time just to try to enter a gated property that this no refund policy is now in place. If you live in a gated community you and you along know that you must provide a gate code for people to enter. Thanks for the understanding.

Payment is available via credit/debit card or PayPal. PayPal processes the credit/debit transactions as well. All payments are processed using a secure connection with PayPal and no payment information is recorded.

If an item on your order ends up being unavailable we will give you a refund for the difference. I will also substitute some items with similar ones to make up a loss. I ask people to understand that sometimes things just don’t grow as planned!!!

Refunds/Cancellations On Orders- All refunds can take several days to complete. I will also use store credit if I feel it is the best option per the circumstances. We will determine the best option per the situation. If you decide to cancel a order – Please understand that you cancelling a order after the Sunday Deadline is not just a simple task. All deliveries routes and schedules for picking etc have been made. If you order feed and then cancel your order please keep in mind I have driven to our feed warehouse and picked up your feed and or had it made per your order. Veggies will be picked also per your order and now we will have to waste them. Cancelling an order after we have made all the effort to processes and fill the order is unfair to us. So if i choose to do a refund for a cancelled order it will be done as a store credit and you will be sent a coupon code to use at a later time, if you ordered veggies. I may deduct 50% from your refund for the waste of the veggies to be fair. (I have to write this because so many people have abused our generosity over the years and have taken advantage of it) like all things it depends on the circumstance of each situation.

(Since I do not have X-Ray vision please be understanding. I can not give refunds based on each person’s perspective. If a product is clearly not editable that is a different story) Things can look perfect on the outside and be bad on the inside :(

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.

Thanks for supporting your LOCAL BACKYARD FARMERS.