The Backyard Farmer

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The local produce is grown Naturally, The Way You Would Grow It Yourself In Your Own Backyard without the use of Synthetic Pesticides, Herbicides & Fungicides. Natural forms of pest control are used for a healthier alternative along with keeping our bees alive to pollinate and make us wonderful honey for everyone. We also use Non GMO Heirloom & Heritage seeds that are grown in rich soil full of organic matter and manure to promote healthy plants. We are a group of local small family farms owned by Arizona Farmers that are Not Certified Organic with the USDA but we apply the same standards and beyond. Produce is Grown in Arizona all across our great state. Our local farm group does not want the high costs that are involved in using the Trademarked name Organic (We won’t pay money to the Government to use the word Organic) . We just want to grow the highest quality produce for our families and yours. Just good (Old-Fashioned Natural Backyard Farming). The taste of home-grown right to your door!!